Anal Butt Plug

Anal Butt Plug

Product Description:

Gliding easily into your or a partner's backside, the beginner-friendly butt plug is just what novice butt players require. Satiny and sleek at the tip and filling without being too much below, this classic butt plug supplies a long and fulfilling stretch with lots of anal sweet spot satisfaction.

The butt plug has a large and wide base that basically serves to anchor to the outside of your body so that any too deep slip ups are avoided. That base is shaped into -- what else -- round circle. Using this toy you will be able to have your cake and eat it too, as you can frolic without concern, and remove, insert, and adjust the plug so that it gives you the ultimate satisfaction and comfort. With it's slender neck at the bottom, this toy is ideal for longer term wear, as everything will remain in place safe and secure.

The butt plug is composed of the safest, most hygienic material it is possible to obtain -- platinum cured silicone. Entirely hypoallergenic, non-reactive and even safe for sensitive skin, it is furthermore super easy to clean. All you need is some warm soapy water or toy care fluid and, if you're really feeling like doing a good job cleaning it up, then this plug can actually be bleached or boiled. Compatible with any water-based lubricant, but do avoid using silicone lubricants and other silicone toys or products.

Key Features
1. Completely safe to use
2. Easy to clean
3. Base features is a circle

    Color: black